Benchmarked Staff Surveys For Charities

Benchmarked staff surveys for charities

We offer two services – an off-the-shelf product or a bespoke service. Both are based on the Charity Pulse benchmark. Read on to find out more.

Off-the-shelf Charity Pulse surveys

The most cost-effective charity staff survey option we offer is the off-the-shelf survey based on the Charity Pulse questionnaire. The survey contains the 46 Charity Pulse benchmark questions with additional options to allow sub analysis of the responses and staff comments. For more detailed information about this service click here…

Bespoke surveys

If there are particular areas or specific questions you want to explore with your people, we will work with you to develop a bespoke staff survey.

With bespoke surveys we design a questionnaire tailored to the particular needs of your charity. These questionnaires usually include most of the Charity Pulse questions, to maximise the amount of benchmarking.

If you are interested in a bespoke survey please get in touch.

About the Charity Pulse benchmark

Charity Pulse is an annual voluntary sector-wide staff satisfaction survey run by Birdsong Charity Consulting and Third Sector magazine. It is unique because it is open to anyone working for a UK charity. Every year, individuals from over 150 different charities take part. This cross-section of charities provides a robust and reliable benchmark sample.

The survey probes the issues that matter most to charity staff through a set of 46 carefully crafted questions. Charity Pulse has been running since 2007 and the survey data is available to organisations across the voluntary sector, to benchmark their staff satisfaction, motivation and engagement.