About Us

Birdsong Charity Consulting was established in 2007. We work exclusively in the UK voluntary sector – and love what we do. We help charities to become thriving, vibrant organisations where people love to work.

We believe that healthy working relationships are essential to a healthy and successful organisation, and Birdsong exists to help charities work more effectively with their people.

You can’t create a healthy organisation if you don’t know what your staff really think and feel, so we have become staff survey specialists, developing a range of services to enable voluntary sector leaders and HR professionals to gather the honest opinions of their people.

Of course, a staff survey is just the beginning of a journey to improve staff satisfaction and engagement, so we’re here to help you take forward any challenges that may present themselves following a survey.

Over the past decade we have worked with over 200 different UK charities.

Frances Hurst

Frances Hurst, co-founder of Birdsong, has worked as a charity consultant since 2002 and specialises in helping charities improve their staff satisfaction and retention. She believes that how people work together is just as important as what they do and is passionate about helping charity leaders work more effectively with their people – as teams, departments or whole organisations.

Frances previously worked as Director of Marketing at the RSPB and became well known in the voluntary sector for the introduction of innovative team structures and ways of working. The changes introduced enabled the RSPB to double its income and recruit its one-millionth member.

Sam Attenborough

Sam Attenborough, co-founder of Birdsong, is a personal development coach who has worked in the personal growth arena for over fifteen years. He helps people to become authentic individuals, develop their confidence and become clear about how they can move forward in their lives.

He also works with charities, helping them to get the best from their people. This work includes looking at the dynamics of teams and organisational culture, and tackling specific issues such as workplace stress and bullying.

Sam previously worked in management consultancy and IT and he also leads Birdsong’s survey analysis work.

Emma Howard

Emma Howard joined Birdsong in 2018, bringing 14 years’ experience working in the charity and social enterprise sector. She is no stranger to the often complex and challenging situations that can exist within the charity world – she led the creation of multiple new departments during a rapid organisational growth period and has also supported teams and CEO/executive co-leaders through difficult financial circumstances.

Emma’s passion for finding effective ways to communicate, and for using meaningful data to provide insight for teams and stakeholders alike, has always been at the core of her work. She is delighted to be the newest member of Birdsong.

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