Off-the-shelf Charity Pulse surveys

Here you will find everything you need to know if you are interested in running a Charity Pulse survey for your charity.

Charities can run a Charity Pulse staff and/or volunteer survey at any time of year but each spring, for a five-week period, we provide the opportunity for charities to run the survey at a specially reduced rate. Whenever you run it, your survey results will be compared with the latest Charity Pulse benchmark.

Please give us as much notice as you can of when you would like to run your survey. Typically, we need a minimum of three weeks notice.

Guidance notes

These notes give you details about the Charity Pulse survey and how it works. They provide you with everything you need to know about timings, reporting options and costs. They also provide a full list of the survey questions and useful tips for getting the most from your survey.

Guidance Notes

Registering to take part

Please read the guidance notes above first – then click the link below when you are ready to register.


Example reports

Take a look at some example Birdsong reports that are produced from the survey results.

Click to download…

Take a look at the survey

Click the link below to take an online test version of the Charity Pulse survey. You can also find the Charity Pulse questions in the Guidance Notes.

Click to view the test survey…


Please get in touch with Emma Howard on 01858 525258 or email Emma here for any further help. Otherwise we will get in touch with you, after we receive your registration.

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