Hospice Survey

Welcome to Birdsong’s Hospice Survey. On this page you will find everything you need to take part.

Guidance notes

We have produced a document to help you through the survey process. This document tells you about timings, options and costs. It also includes the list of survey questions and some useful tips.

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Registering to take part

Click the link below to register to take the survey. Please read the guidance notes above before you register.


Example reports

Take a look at some example reports that are produced from the survey.

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Take a look at the survey

Click the link below to take a test version of the survey.

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Please get in touch with Emma Howard on 07834 633451 or Frances Hurst on 01462 790439 for any further help. Otherwise we will get in touch with you, after we receive your registration.

Contact Birdsong on 01858 525258